Our Mission STATEMENT:

The Mission Statement as adopted by the Foundation Board at its August 2021 meeting.

The California State Grange Foundation promotes community improvement; offers disaster assistance; affords opportunities for lifelong learning; and provides scholarships for education and training.  We strive to promote the welfare of our country and of humankind,  and advance the interests of the Grange.  


primary objectives and purposes of the Foundation

Our mission can be best gleaned from a statement from our Articles of Incorporation, Article 2 - Objectives and Purposes, which says;

The primary objectives and purposes of the Foundation shall be to carry out activities to support the California State Grange's work, programs, and goals relating to charitable, scientific, and educational activities to the public concerning, but not limited to, the following:

(a) the promotion of educational programs with emphasis on the agricultural and domestic spheres in order to develop a better and higher manhood and womanhood among person engaged in or interested in agriculture, to enable them to improve their skills, their standard of living, their self-respect and their esteem in the eyes of their fellow citizens;

(b) the support and encouragement of the development of programs for community improvement;

(c) the promotion of research in agriculture and economics in order that reliable and useful facts may be made available to the agriculture community and to the general public;

(d) the fostering of education, leadership, and self-reliance among the youthful members of the community by means of scholarships, training programs, and public recognition of worthwhile achievements;

(e) the encouragement of exchanges of information with members of the general public who have an interest in our agriculture heritage and traditions as a means of preserving this heritage and traditions; and

(f) the encouragement and facilitation of charitable activities for the benefit of our youth, the poor, handicapped, or underprivileged persons in our country and abroad;

(g) the preservation of farmland;

(h) the support and encouragement of existing as well as beginning farmers and ranchers.