Direct your donation to a specific Fund

We have established various funds that your donation can be directed to. If you want your donation to go to a specific fund, make sure you let us know.

Fund Descriptions

General Fund - Used for the operational expenses of the Foundation, and for non-specific scholarships open to students studying agriculture.

Memorial Fund - Donations to this fund will made in the memory of departed Grange members and this fund will be used for scholarship for members of the Grange.

Agricultural Studies Fund - Donations to this fund will be used for scholarship for students who are persuing a degree in Agriculture. Students nee not be a members of the Grange, but must reside within the jurisdiction of a Community Grange.

Disaster / Fire Relief Fund - Donations to this fund be directed to members of the Grange who have suffered losses in natural disaster declared by the Goverment. (FEMA has codified the declaration process at 44 C.F.R. Part §206, Subpart B) Click here to view declared disasters.

Bennett Valley Grange #16 Preservation Fund: The Bennett Valley Grange is home to the oldest Grange hall in continuous operation in America, built by local founding members and pioneers of Bennett Valley in 1873. There are many projects needed to ensure the preservation of the building for another 150 years. This dedicated fund has been established for this purpose.

Fund Development and Your Grange

If you are a Grange, contact us for information on how we can host your scholarships and how we can help faciliate donations to your Grange, using the State Grange Foundation.